Technical consulting services in the areas of energy, process and environmental technology

Hifab DU Teknik is a consulting company with a long record of experience in technical consulting services in the areas of energy, process and environmental technology. The company started in 1984 by Lars Fredriksson and Mats Ericsson, with employees working all over the world.

What we do in Hifab DU Teknik

Primary focus for Hifab DU TEKNIK is power plants. We assist our customers in construction, erection and commissioning of new power plants as well as reconstructions and extensions of existing plants. In other words, we do not hang around the office very much. We prefer to be out in the field and help our customers. Hifab DU TEKNIK is an independent company which enables us to make fast decisions and act on short notice. We are often hired for commissioning, erection, process design, technical support, training, operation support etc.

We also perform more specialized jobs in the area of energy technology, contact us for more information. One example is status checks of old plants and recommendations for best fuel efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

How do we work

We are experts in commissioning and are often integrated in our customers organizations during our missions. Examples of equipment that we have been working with throughout the years are boilers, turbines, exhaust gas- and water treatment. We have good references from suppliers as well as plant owners in the power and process industry.

Broad competence like few others can offer

You can be sure that your company will get professional assistance when you hire us.

Hifab DU Teknik is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.